AoE 2 - Units Fight Simulator
HD Edition (patch 5.8)


The purpose of the simulator is to calculate outcome of the fight between selected two Age of Empires 2 units based on their stats - Armor class, Attack, Armor, Bonus attack, Firing rate, HP and Accuracy.
The simulator also calculates cost efficiency of the fight. The cost efficiency ratio of unit A vs B is calculated as follows:

 RatioAvB = ( DpsA / ( CostA / HPA ) ) / ( DpsB / ( CostB / HPB ))
  DpsA - damage per second which is dealt by unit A to unit B
  HPA - hit points of the unit A
  CostA - sum of resources which A unit costs

The calculated result of the fight will of course not always match the result in game as it does not take into account micro (which can make all the difference in certain match-ups) and upgrades/civ bonuses. Nevertheless I hope this tool can be useful to get at least some idea about the chances and cost efficiency and to help players identify proper counter units more easily in the still growing complexity of Age of Empires 2.

Updates 25/12/2017

  • Calculation now takes into account range and speed of the units. Unit with bigger range now deals "extra damage" corresponding to the number of shots it can fire during the time it takes for the other unit to close the distance. In match-ups where one unit has range advantage AND speed advantage bigger than 0.2 tiles per second, such unit wins without receiving any damage.
  • Units are sorted alphabetically.
  • Unit stats already reflect changes made in patch 5.7

Updates 23/02/2018

  • It is now possible to modify base stats of units using arrows in the stat table and simulate upgrades and civ bonuses.

Updates 31/08/2019

  • Patch 5.8 changes implemented.

Updates 01/10/2019

  • Added compact tech-tree summary for all civilizations.

Updates 24/01/2020

  • Tech-tree overview updated for Definitive Edition.

Updates 30/09/2020

  • Tech-tree updated for version 39284.

Updates 04/12/2020

  • Tech-tree updated for version 43210.